Addiction: Ask the Expert

Depression Diaries was formed to provide support for people living with a mental illness as well as their family and friends. All I can provide is my story, my insights, and the lessons I have learned along this winding road. One topic that is exceptionally important to address within the realm of mental health is […]

8: Why Do I Stay in Bed?

There are a number of reasons why people suffering from Depression and other mental illnesses find themselves spending countless hours, and sometimes days, in bed. In this video I highlight some of those reasons, bringing insight and validation to those in a similar position. Photo by Quin Stevenson

5: Stigma

I think everyone still has a level of stigma. We are afraid of what we don’t understand. I have been afriad of various diagnosis and labels, and I am still afraid of what people will assume about me when they learn that I have a mental illness. Check out this video which ponders stigma in […]

4: Employment

Work is tough when you are living with a mental ilness. This video speaks to the challenges of maintaining employment while honoring yourself and your limitations. I touch upon the strength of the millions of people who get up and fulfill their professional responsibilities despite their mental health challenges. I also mention the shame and frustration that come with […]